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Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards
2017 edition
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The fundamental goal of driver education is to prepare individuals to operate motor vehicles legally, safely and responsibly in the complex environment of our
streets and highways. Numerous competencies and skills must be mastered to reach that goal. In addition to mastering the physical and mental skills of safe driving,
students must acquire the knowledge, and develop the attitudes and behaviors necessary to assuming the social and financial responsibility associated with operating
motor vehicles. Students who master the competencies and skills in this publication will achieve the goal.

This publication contains competencies and skills -- learner outcomes -- which can be used as the framework for developing effective driver education curriculum.
The competencies and skills, when organized into coherent units of instruction, taught using proven techniques, and assessed regularly for mastery, can help assure
that the goals of driver education are achieved.

To download a copy of the Core Competencies and Key Skills click on this link

Evaluating Driver Education Programs: Comprehensive Guidelines,

Sponsored by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and BMW of North America, provides a detailed background for planning and conducting effective evaluation
of beginner driver education, and for integrating evaluation into program development and policy. The Guidelines cover a range of evaluations from simple to complex,
and are written primarily for program evaluators, researchers, and other technical audiences. Actual tools, such as surveys, focus group guides, and log books that can
be used or adapted for evaluating beginner driver education programs are included.

To download the Evaluating Driver Education Programs document click here (large PDF file)