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Missouri Driver Safety Education Association
Teacher Certification
Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards
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Driver Education Certification Information
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Temporary Authorization Certificate Requirements

Subject-Specific Competencies for the Beginning Driver Education Teacher in Missouri, Revised April 2003

Driver's Education Curriculum

Missouri State University has been approved by DESE to offer Driver's Education certification
for currently certified teachers who wish to add Driver's Education to their certification.
This will allow the individual to teach driver's education classes in a high school setting.  
This program is currently offered during summer semester, and takes two summers to complete. 
To earn certification in Driver's Education, teachers will complete the following coursework at Missouri State:

KIN370 (3)  Content and Materials in Safety Education
KIN372 (3) Problems in Driver's Education and Traffic Safety
KIN373 (3)  Multiple Car Ranges-Simulations
KIN371 (3) Driver's Education

Total Credit hours:  12

Teachers pursuing this certificate are eligible for a Provisional Teaching Certificate in Driver's Education
upon the completion of six (6) credit hours of coursework in this program. 
This will allow the candidate to begin teaching Driver's Education after one (1) summer of coursework. 

Teachers who wish to pursue certification in Driver's Education should contact the Kinesiology Department for more information or to enroll in the program. 



Scheduling the Certification Courses

The fundamental goal of the driver education program at MBU is to meet requirements for an add-on state certification approved by DESE. To reach that goal four courses are offered that lead to mastery of required competencies and skills. MBU provides a summer class schedule or an eight-week model in the fall or spring semesters. Driver Education I and II are taught as web-assisted following a schedule convenient to the certifying teacher. Driver Education III and IV are completed on-site currently through the Lindbergh Community Driver Education program. Certifying candidates teach novice drivers (students with driving permits) enrolled in the Community Driver Education class, scheduled for eight weeks in the fall and spring semesters or a five-week schedule offered in the summer (June/July).

EDDR 403-503 - Driver Education I

Introduction to Safety is a web-assisted course and assignments are completed online.

EDDR 413-513 - Driver Education II

Organization is a web-assisted course and assignments are completed online.

EDDR 433-533 - Driver Education III

Instruction is a course completed via the Lindbergh School District Community Education Program. Certifying teachers will prepare lessons and teach novice drivers with a learners permit. The course is offered as an eight-week session either during the fall or spring semesters or during a summer session.

EDDR 443-543 - Driver Education IV

Developing Operating Skills is a course completed using a vehicle provided by the Community Education Program. Certifying teachers will instruct students with a learners permit in behind-the-wheel skills. The MBU professor models the sequential instruction of "TRAIN THE TRAINER" (TTT) process. Certifying teachers will be expected to successfully learn and implement the "TTT" modeled by the MBU professor

If interested in learning more about the driver education program and the process to become certified,
please contact Lowell Pitzer at or call (314) 392-2317.
In the email, please include your name, address, phone number, and email and school information.

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Missouri Safety Center - University of Central Missouri

The Missouri Safety Center was designated as the State’s Safety Center in 1967, by the Commission on Higher Education in collaboration with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee. The Missouri Safety Center has called the University of Central Missouri home for 40 years with Administrative offices in the Humphreys building on the main campus quadrangle and the training facility known as the Highway Safety Instructional Park at 1200 S. Holden in Warrensburg.

The mission of the Missouri Safety Center is, “to promote safety in Missouri and the Nation.” The Missouri Safety Center strives to prevent injury and death through technology transfer, instruction, research and public service. The Missouri Safety Center’s mission is supported by the University of Central Missouri's administration, the State Legislature and a wide variety of clientele from business, industry and government entities and the daily communication with our diverse clientele.

Driver Education Teacher Preparation Courses
The Department of Education requires the following courses to be endorsed as a Driver Education Teacher,
CLICK here for PDF.

These 3-hour academic courses, offered by the Department of Criminal Justice - UCM in partnership with the Missouri Safety Center, are as follows:

The first two courses (2010 & 2020) are offered on-line during the Spring Semester.
The last two courses (2030 & 2040) are offered during the Summer Semester and have mandatory on-site commitments of 15 hours each for a total of 30 hours.
These hours must be scheduled during the Missouri Safety Center's Summer High School Driver Education program, typically during the month of June each year.

DrEd 2010 Driver Education I - Introduction to Safety Education (3 hours)
An introductory course in the principles and fundamentals of safety education. It shows the concern for safety as a social problem and considers major accident areas, accident causes, liability, and analyzes possible solutions to the accident problem. A course aimed at developing concepts to prepare the driver education student to assume responsibility for accident prevention in the home, school, community, and on the highways. 

Course Dates: TBA

DrEd 2020 Driver Education II - Driver Task Analysis (3 hours)
An introduction to the task of the driver within the highway transportation system with emphasis on risk perception and management and the decision making process.

Course Dates: TBA

DrEd 2030 Driver Education III - Developing Classroom Skills (3 hours)
Learning activities will focus on preparing the driver educator to conduct Driver Education Classroom Skills with application to classroom organization, maintaining a learning environment, developing instructional modules, and the conduct of learning experiences.

Course Dates: TBA

DrEd 2040 Driver Education IV - Developing Operational Skills (3 hours)
Learning activities will focus on preparing the driver educator to conduct activities which develop operational skills for a novice driver. Emphasis is placed on laboratory organization and administration, developing laboratory instructional modules, and the conduct of learning experiences. Course Dates: TBA

For additional information, please call the Missouri Safety Center Mr. Jim Delap at 800-801-3588 or email

Financial Aid
If a student has been fully admitted to a bachelors degree, masters degree, education specialist degree, or teaching certification program offered at UCM, financial aid can normally be used to help pay the cost to enroll for the above classes. Detailed information about being considered for financial assistance may be found by clicking on the links at the
Office of Student Financial Services home page. (the link to this is