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Roadside Survival Guide


Text & Driving Statistics
A simple way to pass your permit test

Avoiding Bad Weather When Traveling

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American Sign Language - Driver Ed Signs The 9 Most Dangerous Things Drivers Do
 Texting and Driving A National Epidemic 

  Driving Schools and the Deaf 

A Teenagers and Parents Guide to Auto Driving Safety 
Distracted Driving links / Drinking and Driving links
Using Seat Belts and Other Driving Rules links
Graduated Driver Licensing links
Teen Resources links / Parent Resources links

Preventing Texting While Driving
Auto Guide: Texting While Driving Prevention Guide

(PDF Document)

Mental Preparation for Driving

The American Driver and
Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA)

What is ADTSEA
Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety
 Students Against Destructive Decisions!

(also Students Against Driving Drunk) 

Missouri Department of Revenue Driverís Licensing
Missouri Driver Guide
On-line guide
Practice Test
Permit Test - Missouri
Missouri Highway Patrol

 Federal Highway Administration

Driver's quiz for Missouri:

Driving Quiz
Prepare for your driver's license exam. Questions are based on material in the Missouri Driver's Manual

Street Sign Game
Match street signs to their meanings.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

National Safety Council

TyREDD (pronounced "tired") focuses on awareness and education about driving drowsy, and how doing so can impact people's lives forever.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
Not Everyone that gets hit by a Drunk Driver Dies
The Jacqueline Saburido Story (PowerPoint file)

Lucky 16 year old who's seatbelt and airbag worked (PowerPoint file)
Missouri Teenage Drivers and Fatal Accidents

Safe Driving Practices

Highway Safety Group Ė with other links

Government website

Distracted Drivers Feel Addicted to Technology Behind the Wheel

Defensive Driving ideas

Distracted Driving: Preventable and Deadly

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

 Driver-Zed from AAA

Teen Driving

Hands-free Devices Distract Drivers for 27 Seconds After Use

Pictures link from Drunk Drivers

Drugged Driving Prevention: Intervention Techniques to Keep Them Out of the Driver's Seat and Off the Road

The Ultimate Guide to Road Safety Apps

online game for students

Operation Lifesaver
Rail Safety Education

Resources to use

Auto Resources: Safe Driving Tips

Online Videos

Road Rules for Little Passengers

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Many different things about Driver Ed

Transportation Options for Seniors Who Don't Drive

Links from Iowa State

General repair and do it yourself links

Defensive Driving

Tonís of links to articles and advice

Template set for road signs

Age and Driving: Safety Tips and Warning Signs for Older Drivers

Buying & Owning a Car
Federal Trade Commission one minute videos

Spotting Deceptive Car Ads

Buying a Used Car

Financing a Car

Understanding Car Add-ons
Vehicle repair costs

Preventing Distracted Driving: A Comprehensive Resource