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In Missouri in 2014:

One teen was killed every 5 DAYS
68 teens were killed in traffic crashes and 3 in 4 were UNBELTED
93% of teens killed in traffic crashes were killed in vehicles driven by another teenager

Missouri teens are dying in traffic crashesÖbut they donít have to.
First Impact can help!

First Impact is a traffic safety program that educates parents about Missouriís Graduated Driver License (GDL) law as well as provides them with the tools they need to monitor, coach and support their new teen driver. The goal of First Impact is to reduce new driver crashes, injuries and fatalities by increasing parentís awareness and enforcement of Missouriís GDL law.

Objectives of the First Impact program are to increase:

1. Awareness of teen driving risks
2. Understanding of Missouriís GDL law
3. GDL monitoring and enforcement at home
4. Importance of being a positive role model

First Impact features video, discussion, and engaging activities to promote the importance of parents and teens working together to keep teens safe while driving.

Missouri GDL law is a three-step licensing system. The purpose of Missouri GDL is to ease teens into licensure. GDL limits the highest risk factors for teens, including driving at night, with multiple passengers, distracted and unbelted.

Research confirms that GDL laws have been instrumental in reducing teen crashes up to 40%. GDL works!
This statewide program is available FREE of charge.

Contact us to get started:
Deana Dothage - Health Educator
Other First Impact contacts:
Allyn Workman -